• Camp Jupiter
  • Camp Jupiter Arena
  • The Argo III
  • Camp Half-Blood
  • Mount Olympus

What is AMS?Edit

AMS is a Minecraft server dedicated to ensuring the best entertainment, with servers based on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. AMS has many staff members, from builders to administrators, looking to create an optimal experience for everyone. AMS' network owner is Izzy Kaplan (IzzyK).

AMS DemigodEdit

AMS Demigod is currently the most popular server on AMS, and features roleplay events with the ability to use demigod abilities, many beautiful maps, and a server wild. AMS Demigod's owner is Jayden Ray (doelie247).

AMS PotterEdit

AMS Potter is the other server on AMS currently under construction. AMS Potter features the four Hogwarts houses, meticulously crafted maps, and spells. AMS Potter's owner is Brevan Finch (brevina).

Owners of AMSEdit

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