Poseidopolis is a nation within AMS Demigod, in the wild, composed of one city and two territories. Poseidopolis contains three branches of government, the executive, legislative, and judicial, two of which are centered in the Acropolis.

The capital of Poseidopolis, colloquially known as Poseidopolis City, is the center of the Poseidopolite federal government, including federal buildings such as the Acropolis, the National Bank, and the City Development Agency Office. Poseidopolis city is 31,684 square blocks large.

Poseidopolis is the second largest nation in the wild, second only to Royal Arch, with a total land area of 52,615 square blocks, and has the most official citizens of any nation, counting up to six total censused citizens.

Poseidopolis was founded on a non-AMS server as a city-state, where it would live out its first two iterations before moving over to AMS in its next three iterations. The Constitution on the first server would be ratified June 5th, 2016, and then on AMS on October 9th, 2016.

People from the federal government first settled Poseidopolis in its current iteration after looking for flat land to settle a city since the previous four versions had been lost due to wild deletions, corruptions, and more. The president at the time, Nick Wolf, had established martial law and would keep it established until after the 8-layered walls would finish construction. The walls would become the first feature of the new Poseidopolite land, with construction beginning with the "Wall Act" signed by Wolf into law on June 14th, 2017. The wall would subsequently finish June 16th. The next major feature would be the Acropolis, with construction beginning and finishing August 10th, 2017 during the Tenstine Administration.

Naming Edit

The name Poseidopolis comes from the first president's username "The_Poseidolon" which comes from the Greek god Poseidon.

History Edit

Pre-Foundation Edit

Poseidopolis was founded in its very first iteration on a non-AMS server as a city-state under the leadership of Sci Tenstine and Silver Farland. Sci Tenstine had come from a small makeshift town, and he felt like the town was too stagnant due to rules on terrain editing and house placement, and as such he decided to claim a small vanilla village as his own. As more and more people began living in his small, wall-enclosed village, he saw the need to expand it so he began a small city outside of the village with a small quartz building he called the "acropolis".

Foundation Edit

Soon this world was deleted, so he made Poseidopolis again on this same server and was able to do more expansion without having to worry about the original village. He created infrastructure and plots, all whilst surrounding the acropolis. Sci Tenstine eventually felt like the citizens of the city needed to be able to have a voice in the future of the city, so on June 5th, 2016. Tenstine, after creating the Constitution declared himself first president of Poseidopolis and declared the ratification of the new Constitution to the server, which was met with scrutiny and challenge. In response to this new Constitution, the staff created the "Aryan Empire" and promptly declared war on Poseidopolis. The war between the two nations would continue and cause griefing, damage, and more, until the server merged with AMS.

Moving to AMS Edit

Feeling loss for his city, Tenstine joined the small town made by Kane Kane until he was ready to rebuild. Tenstine became inactive for some time, and by September would return to AMS as a fully-active member and begin construction of the third iteration of Poseidopolis. He worked with Silver Farland to obtain a nether star for a beacon, and very soon after they finally made a beacon, the chunks became corrupted and unusable, so the area was reset to remedy the issue, with the beacon going away. Again, Tenstine felt at loss because he had already began construction of the town. He would continue later at another location to build Poseidopolis once again, and finally constructed an official acropolis once again. On October 9th, 2016, he would ratify a new Constitution and declare himself president once again. Tenstine met with Aule, or at the time Jon Murray to discuss his idea of building Harondor, which would become a rival of Poseidopolis later on. He also met with the leaders of a newly forming kingdom called Royal Arch, including Brevan Finch. Royal Arch would become a rival turned ally later on. After Poseidopolis had established itself as a world power, the wild was deleted from AMS.

Growth and Dominance Edit

Soon after the wild had been lost, Tenstine declares martial law until Poseidopolis is restored, and begins construction of the new Poseidopolis on November 27th, 2016. He would finish a fortress with the acropolis called the Acropolite Fortress, the first symbol of Poseidopolite strength, on December 10th. That same day both Harondor and Royal Arch would declare war on Poseidopolis, thus establishing themselves as world powers. This war would go on and off as a "hot war" until ending on December 12th with Royal Arch, and December 28th with Harondor. At the end of this war, with Poseidopolis ravaged and still not complete, Tenstine would declare himself king until January 22nd, 2017, when he restored the democracy and declared himself the first president of Poseidopolis. This iteration of Poseidopolis would not be the last, but its government would become the one still in power today. Under the republic, Poseidopolis would undergo sweeping reforms, and its diplomacy would strengthen and even become allied with its old rivals. With the Tenstine Doctrine, Poseidopolis would increase in power, and would see the formation of various political parties, with only one still existing today, the Prime Law Party. This iteration of Poseidopolis would have the next three presidents, Aurora Rain, Nick Wolf, and Ava Lacey. The height of the Poseidopolite nation would end in Federal Inaction during the Lacey and Wolf administrations through the end of this iteration.

Contemporary History and the Rise of Bureaucracy Edit

The federal government first settled Poseidopolis in its current iteration after looking for flat land to settle a city after AMS was hacked, and the wild was deleted. President Wolf would take over after Lacey's administration and establish martial law, and would keep it established until after the 8-layered walls would finish construction. The walls would become the first feature of the new Poseidopolite land, with construction beginning with the "Wall Act" signed by Wolf into law on June 14th, 2017. The wall would subsequently finish June 16th. Eventually Poseidopolis would reestablish itself as a world power once again, take the city of Epistople from Camp Apollo technically by force, create a new fortified territory, and even issue its first declaration of war. It eventually would establish itself economically with a National Bank with its own monetary system that uses conversion rates recognized internationally. It also would begin bureaucracy to streamline city development processes with laws creating the House Review Board and the City Development Agency.

Biome and Environment Edit

Poseidopolis spans across numerous biomes with its three separate lands.

Epistopolis Edit

The territory of Epistopolis is primarily in a Forest and Forest Hills biome, although it borders an Deep Ocean biome, which contributes to numerous oak and jungle resources, in addition to ink.

Fortaleza Edit

The territory of Fortaleza is very diverse in its biomes, being in a primarily Jungle, Mesa, Plains, and Jungle Edge Biome, although it borders a river with a Deep Ocean biome, all of which contribute to numerous resources including woods and ink.

Poseidopolis City Edit

The capital of Poseidopolis is in a naturally generated flat land in a Jungle Hills biome, which is surrounded by dense jungles and foliage. The city also has two rivers in the same Jungle Hills biome that surround it. The jungle biome provides for large amounts of wild stock, and indigenous mobs like ocelots and parrots.

The Federal Government Edit

The government is divided into the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

Legislative Branch Edit

The Legislative Branch is comprised of Congress, in which they make laws in the Magistration, and amendments for the Constitution. Congress currently has seven congressmen, including the president.

There are multiple positions one can have in Congress:

  • Congress Moderator (CM): Appointed by the current president of Poseidopolis to be members of Congress. Receives two votes.
  • President (P): The current president of Poseidopolis. Receives one vote.
  • Presidential Congressman- Congressman that were the president or Congress moderators.
    • Moderator (PC [CM]): Appointed by the previous president to be Congress Moderators. Receives two votes.
    • President (PC [P]): The previous president who is now a congressman as a presidential congressman. Receives two votes.
  • Representative (R): Elected representative of a city of Poseidopolis that represents a maximum of ten people. Receives two votes.

The following are members of Congress:

Executive Branch Edit

The Executive Branch is comprised of the presidential administration, the City Development Agency, law enforcement, and the military.

The Presidential Administration Edit

The purpose of the presidential administration is to control the Executive Branch by means of enforcing the law, driving foreign and domestic policy, and controlling the military. The President is elected by means of a simple majority in a Presidential Election.

The following is the current presidential administration under the first president:

  • Sci Tenstine- President of Poseidopolis
  • Silver Farland- Vice-President of Poseidopolis
  • Topher Blake- Secretary of State of Poseidopolis

The City Development Agency Edit

The purpose of the City Development Agency (CDA) is to create and enforce legislation regarding urban administration. The CDA was created through the Urban Development and Administration Act.

  • Sci Tenstine- Head of the City Development Agency (HoCDA)
  • Silver Farland- House Review Board Member (HRB member)
  • Topher Blake- House Review Board Member (HRB member)

The Military Edit

The purpose of the military is to protect Poseidopolis, and to conduct military intervention in other lands. The military is under the total control of the president, and war and other military interventions are allowed solely by Congress.

  • Sci Tenstine- Commander-In-Chief (President)
  • Silver Farland- Second Commander-In-Chief (Vice-President)
  • Topher Blake- Secretary of State

Judicial Branch Edit

The Judicial Branch is comprised of the courts system, headed by a federal court with three judges.

  • Emigine Snow- First judge of Poseidopolis
  • Vacant
  • Vacant