The Poseidopolite Magistration outlines Poseidopolite federal laws not written in the Constitution. The Magistration has twenty-one laws, all of which have been written by presidents or congressmen.

The Poseidopolite Magistration was mandated by Executive Orders 16, 17, and 21, all of which were ordered by President Tenstine, to be a book containing these federal laws that did not exactly fit in the Constitution.

Laws of the Magistration Edit

The Land Grant Act Edit

All citizens of the capital of Poseidopolis are entitled to the ability to buy any marked lands, and then may buy multiple lands at once. They may do whatever they want within and between those lands, so long as they are adjacent, and the citizens in question are following all laws.

The Alien Act Edit

Persons who are not legal citizens may not enter Poseidopolite territories unless it is explicitly approved by the leader. If the leader approves of someone which other citizens disapproved of, two of those citizens may call a hearing in which all present citizens must attend, and vote yea, nay, or abstain on the veto.

The Court Conduct Act Edit

I. Citizens in court may never speak unless they are told by the judge they may speak, they are the judge, or they have an objection.
i. The judge will tell a person or group to speak by saying the people in question, then saying commence.
a. Any altercations of this will cause an order to be called. If the order is not observed, the judge may remove relevant persons.
ii. An objection may be called at any point to indicate unfairness in the court of law.
a. If the judge sees this objection fit, they will declare it will be sustained and the objection must be observed. If not sustained, it will be overruled.

The Banking Act Edit

I. The Poseidenium
i. In order to keep an organized system of wealth, the currency of Poseidopolis will be federalized with the Poseidenium. All incorporated territories of Poseidopolis must use the Poseidenium, and any other standard currencies of an incorporated Poseidopolite territory must be converted into the proper currency.
II. Banks
i. All territories of Poseidopolis must have a bank which is maintained by a banker that has a banker’s certificate administered by the leader of Poseidopolis. The bank is to hold the citizens’ and city's wealth. Ores and such valuables may be held in the bank, but all will be taken each Sunday by a federal official to be exchanged for the national currency. If any of these valuables or ores are needed back from Poseidopolis, the banker may go to the capital and exchange Poseidenium for the wanted amount.

The Civil Worker Act Edit

I. Citizens
i. All citizens of the capital are required to be a builder, a merchant, a miner, a soldier, or a leader, and must acquire this status from the government of Poseidopolis.
II. Military
ii. The military will be divided for organization The most basic unit of the army is a squad which contains three people and a fourth person that leads the squad. A squadron contains three squads and a squadron leader. A mission contains two squadrons, and a squadron leader. All of Poseidopolis’ army is all of the missions, led by the leader of Poseidopolis.

​The Lighting Act Edit

All plots in the capital must have enough lighting across the entire plot in which no aggressive mobs will spawn (at least light level eight).

The City Modification Act Edit

No area of land may be broken, replaced, or modified by a citizen without the owner or government’s consent. This includes any walls bordering Poseidopolis.

The Foreclosure Act Edit

I. If a citizen fails to pay taxes or is inactive for a week, then their house can be foreclosed by the government in which the property and all of its contents will be seized by the government. To prevent foreclosure before inevitable inactivity, an appeal can be made to the government.

The Approval and Inauguration Act* Edit

I. All members of the government coming into a non-presidential office for the first time must recite the following pledge:

“I, [NAME], do solemnly swear to stand for justice and to work for the people of Poseidopolis until I no longer can. I shall be honest, smart, and I shall be a representative for all of the people of Poseidopolis.” This pledge shall take effect until that member no longer serves in the government.

II. When someone is being sworn into the office of the presidency for the first time, they must recite the following pledge:

“I, [NAME], promise to uphold the constitution of the Poseidopolite Empire until I no longer can. I swear on my honor that I will be honest, smart, I shall be a representative for all of the people of Poseidopolis, and I shall hold myself accountable for all actions I commit to. I promise to be unbiased, patriotic, and loyal to the cause of the people.”

III. Before a government official is sworn into office, they must be approved by a simple majority in Congress. This clause excludes the vice-president and congressmen but includes congress moderators.
IV. All members of government are to be sworn in by an appointed inaugurator, appointed by the former leader of Poseidopolis. If that inaugurator is not present, then a single congressman shall swear in the member.

​The Succession of Power Act Edit

Should a president of Poseidopolis become unable to serve the office of the presidency for any reason for an extended period of time, then their vice-president should assume the office of the presidency until the president becomes able to serve again or their term in office ends in which a normal election occurs. The vice-president acting as a sitting president has the right to fill in cabinet positions that the president has not already picked, and they may be confirmed by congress and act as sitting secretaries until the president chooses a replacement.

​The Presidential Eligibility Act Edit

To run for president, one must be a citizen of Poseidopolis for an entire 28 days and to run for congress, one must be a citizen of Poseidopolis for an entire 14 days.

I. Being an official citizen of Poseidopolis entails that one must be naturalized and own property which they have lived in for 28 days after being naturalized.
i. One may not be president of Poseidopolis or running for president and a citizen of another nation at the same time.

The Presidential Election Act Edit

I. Voting
i. Election day will occur starting at 12 AM of the day before the office-elect’s first day in office. All ballots (made with a book and quill) must be cast into the offerings station within the acropolis of the city. At or after 12 AM of the following day, the results shall be read to the public.

The Taxation Act Edit

​Each citizen of the capital shall be taxed an amount that is due one week from taxation. If dues are not payed, the property will seized by the government. Any citizen may file for bankruptcy in which all properties they own are seized by the government, all dues are paid, and the citizen in question may not own another property for another two weeks.

The Census Act Edit

I. All persons who wish to be members of the nation of Poseidopolis must fill out a census form in which they state their username, roleplay name, and their territory or city they live in.
II. ​No person shall retain land within the capital of Poseidopolis without filling a census.
III. No person shall retain federal rights or rights given within the nation of Poseidopolis without filling a census.
IV. No person shall retain rights from the capital of Poseidopolis without filling a census.

The Expansion Act Edit

The nation of Poseidopolis can extend to other servers in which cities are present and active that follow the Constitution and Magistration of the Poseidopolite Nation.

The Capital Location Act Edit

The location of the capital of the nation of Poseidopolis shall be centered at an X of 0 and a Z of 0.

The Wall Act Edit

I. A wall will surround the capital of Poseidopolis with multiple legal entryways. The wall will be a layer of sandstone, a layer of obsidian, a layer of lava, a layer of cobble, a layer of water, a layer of cobble, a layer of obsidian, and a final layer of sandstone, all capped by sandstone battlements. The layers of the wall are to be in that order.
II. The construction of the wall will be undertaken by volunteers.
III. The constructed wall and any further improvements or modifications are to be maintained by the Poseidopolite Government.

The House Review Board Act Edit

I. The House Review Board (further referenced as the HRB) shall include the president of Poseidopolis or his official replacement, and two other appointed members appointed by the president.
II. For each plot empty before residential acquisition, one resident of the plot in question must submit an application to build a house. The application must include the number of stories above ground, main blocks being used, the plot number, and the RP names of the plot’s residents.
i. The HRB shall vote to accept or deny applications within reasonable time of application submission.
a. If the application is accepted, the house may be constructed in accordance with the application.
b. If the application is denied, the residents must resubmit with a subjectively better design.
III. Once an application is accepted, the residents have 24 hours per standard plot to complete their house. If they cannot finish within 24 hours, they may apply for an extension.
IV. The HRB reserves the right to review houses within HRB jurisdiction at any time.
V. The HRB shall only be enforced in the capital and Poseidopolite territories that legally grant HRB legal power.

The Urban Development and Administration Act Edit

I. The nation of Poseidopolis shall fund a federal City Development Agency (further referenced as the CDA).
i. The CDA shall be headed by the president, or a citizen appointed by the president of Poseidopolis and shall further be known as the Secretary of Urban Development.
II. The CDA shall independently create legislation regarding city development and urbanization. All CDA legislation must be approved by the head of the CDA (further referenced as the HoCDA).
i. CDA legislation may be immediately approved, rejected, or repealed by the HoCDA.
ii. Congress shall not write legislation for the CDA, but may repeal legislation by the CDA with a ¾ majority vote.
a. The HoCDA cannot reject congressional repeals of CDA legislation.
iii. If the president of Poseidopolis is not the HoCDA, then they may write CDA legislation through executive orders, and may repeal CDA legislation through executive orders.
a. The Secretary of Urban Development cannot reject nor repeal executive orders regarding the CDA.
III. The CDA shall regulate and monitor the House Review Board (HRB).
i. The CDA shall receive applications for the HRB.
ii. The CDA shall create a list of infractions for which an application might be denied or a house be reviewed.
iii. The CDA shall create designs of houses that the CDA accepts as immediately within CDA compliance.
IV. The CDA shall have the right to regulate infrastructure, unowned plots, plot expansion, and construction of federal buildings within Poseidopolis.
V. The CDA shall only have jurisdiction within the capital of Poseidopolis and any Poseidopolite territories that legally grant CDA power.

The Census Administration Act Edit

All censuses shall be conducted by the City Development Agency.

The Inauguration Recurrence Act Edit

All members of government that require an inauguration including presidents, vice-presidents, and congressmen, shall be inaugurated each time they are reelected or appointed to their office, even if they have held that office before.

Notes Edit

*Amended by the Inauguration Recurrence Act